Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What Is The Difference Between Aluminum and Aluminized Chain Link?

    Aluminumized chain link refers to steel chain link coated in a thin layer of aluminum. Aluminum means that the chain link is constructed of solid aluminum. Here is an article to find out the benefits of each one.

  2. What Are The Benefits of Aluminum Chain Link Fencing and Fittings?

    Aluminum chain link fencing and fittings offer superior rust and corrosion resistance. Standard galvanized steel will quickly rust compared to aluminized or solid aluminum.

  3. Where Do People Use Aluminum Chain Link Fencing Over Regular Steel Chain Link Fences?

    People choose aluminum chain link fencing over regular steel chain link anytime there will be a higher chance of corrosion. Some examples would be coastlines, islands, dams, and bridges. You will find a lot of these examples down south near the coast.

  4. Does Aluminum Chain Link Fence Rust?

    Aluminum chain link fences do not rust.

  5. Is There Aluminum Chain Link Mesh/Fabric?

    Yes, there is! Here are the sizes and how to order.

  6. How Does The Price of Aluminum Chain Link Fence and Fence Fittings Compare To Steel?

    Aluminum chain link fence is more expensive compared to steel chain link.

  7. Can You Use Aluminum Fence Fittings On Fences That Are Not Aluminum Chain Link?

    Yes, as long as the sizing is the same.

  8. What Are The Different Gauges of Aluminum Chain Link Fence Fabric Available?

    We offer 9 and 6 gauge since those are the most common. Here is a list of all the sizing that we offer.

  9. What Does Fence Gauge Mean?

    The gauge refers to the thickness or width of the wire.

  10. Is Most Chain Link Fence Made From Aluminum?

    Most chain link fence is made from galvanized steel.

  11. Can You Connect a Chain Link Fence to a Wooden Post?

    Yes, you can. A lot of people choose this for the modern aesthetics of their home.

  12. How Do You Twist and Use Chain Link Fence Ties?

    You insert the fence tie through the fabric and around the pipe or post and then give it a final twist to secure it in place. Be sure to use pliers.

  13. What Does a Tension Bar Do For a Chain Link Fence?

    Tension bars help stretch the chain link fabric evenly. They also prevent the bending of the fabric, which prevents damage.

  14. Where Do I Put a Tension Bar On My Chain Link Fence?

    The tension bar should be installed parallel and woven into the fence fabric at every gate, corner, and end post.

  15. What Size Bolts Do You Use For a Tension Band?

    Usually 5/16" x 1 1/4", but always double-check the size needed on the specific tension band.

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