What Is ASTM B429?

Aluminum Chain Link Fences

You may encounter a specification called ASTM B429 when purchasing aluminum chain link tubes. This specification refers to aluminum alloy extruded pipes and tubes that will be utilized for structured purposes. In other words, you can use this pipe for highways, bridge rail, chain link fence posts, lighting brackets, and any other structural application. This type of pipe is created through bridges or porthole-type die extrusion. While these pipes can handle these applications, they cannot be used for pressure purposes that transfer fluid.

Does the ASTM B429 Specification Comply with any Standards?

If your pipe has an ASTM B429 specification, it most likely falls under ANSI H35.1/H35.1M standards. This type of standard is created for aluminum and aluminum alloys. The Aluminum Association is a third party that helps represent aluminum production and facilitate setting aluminum standards. They represent at least 70% of companies creating aluminum and aluminum products shipped to North America. ANSI, known as The American National Standards Institute, provides the proper framework to help ensure that accurate standards are published. The ANSI is a non-profit organization.

The last organization involved with aluminum is ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials). ASTM is a hands-on organization that provides international standards to verify quality and safety to those who use select products. Therefore, when it comes to aluminum, many organizations make sure it is safe to use.

What Makes Aluminum Better Than Other Materials?

Known as the "miracle metal" by the Aluminum Association, aluminum can be recycled repeatedly and has military-grade strength. Despite aluminum's rugged exterior, it is still lightweight and is used in almost every industry, from automobiles to flat-screen TVs. At least 75% of aluminum ever produced is still used today. Therefore, this eco-friendly material may hold your favorite bubbly beverage or be used in solar panels. However, one well-known use of aluminum is a chain link fence.

Aluminum Chain Link Fences

Regarding chain link fences, aluminum is an excellent yet slightly more expensive choice than galvanized steel. One of the benefits of an aluminum chain link fence is that it is not as likely to rust. If an aluminum fence is maintained well, it can last a lifetime. While it may seem more costly initially, it is an investment that will pay for itself after a few years. Many people prefer aluminum's more vibrant look compared to galvanized steel's dull finish.

If you are still looking for parts for your fence installation, we have all the fittings you need to make a durable fence that will help keep your pets and family safe.

Aluminum Chain Link Fittings